Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DIY Pillow Tutorials

My living room is in some definite need of some pillows to brighten
up my solid black leather couches.  Now that school has started,
I think this might be my new project to work on.

Check out these fabulous DIY Pillow Tutorials!
First up:: Have you seen Martha's new Decorative Paint Line?
I saw it yesterday at TaterTots & Jello & fell in love with it!
I would love to do something like this with the paints
especially for Morgan's room-she loves pillows.
Who would ever think to paint on a pillow and have it
look fun  & great?  Oh- Martha!

I also love how the rosettes look on pillows like these ones-
Click HERE for Alissa's tutorial
and I love the pillow with the yellow flowers in the back.
Click HERE for Tanya's tutorial, and 
she even used the flowers for hats!  Soo Cute!

And check out these adorable flower pillows Laura made-
and guess what she used- hot glue- hey even I can
make a pillow with a hot glue gun! :)
Go HERE for the tutorial
I LOVE these-I think I'll have one of each
This isn't a tutorial, but I'm sure you could
use Laura's tutorial from above and alter 
it a little for these fun pillows.

And finally, here is another favorite 
How fun!  I can't wait to get started!
I hope you see something you like too. 
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  1. Hey Melissa, I just found your blog through a link party & I wanted to tell you how cute I think it is! Your layout & the colours & everything are adorable! Are you using a blogger template? I've been wanting to change my template so that I have a side column, but I'm scared that I'll mess it up ;) If you're using a blogger layout, would you mind telling me which one you're using? And whether you've had to play with it much to get it the way you want? (I don't want to copy your whole blog or anything- I like my look, but I want to have a sidebar like you have! ;) I do love your colours & design though- so pretty!

  2. Hello Melissa, I found you through Lil Luna, your printable looks so lovely. i am now following so I can catch up with you and your blog on a regular basis. I am relatively new to blogging too- I hope you can jump over to Uber Savvy Buzzword and have a peek. Lynda