Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cereal Notebook Tutorial

For today's tutorial, I wanted to show you how to make the popular cereal notebooks.
 First, you will need...
* Pen or Pencil
* A cereal box
*Mini whole punch
* Scissors or tool to bend your wire, but don't cut it
* A notebook (usually only 25 cents right now)
*your kids
 (which is why you need patience)
 First, bend back the wire on both ends of your notebook.  You will want to bend it so you can easily get it out of the couple of wholes on one side.
 Then, start unwinding from one side and work your way down the notebook.
 Once the top is off, place it on top of your cereal box and trace it.  
Then cut out your rectangle shape from the cereal box.
Have your little friend hold the back of the original cover & 
line it up with the edge of your new cereal box cover. 
 Now, trace wholes with a pen or pencil
 Punch out your wholes with your mini whole punch & start winding the wire back through.
(My cereal box was a little smaller than the notebook, so the edge is a little short, my kids
didn't seem to mind, but if you want to fix it you can find a smaller notebook, or a larger cereal box.)
And, viola-
you have a new notebook, your kids are so excited for school,
& you learned something new!

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  1. LOVE THESE! I just did a tutorial on some of these too! Great minds think alike!